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26 April 2010 @ 10:42 pm
lovely monday statton!

hope everyone had a nice prom. i definitely had a nice time in. did some shopping and got myself some cupcakes to nibble on while all of you what's supposed to be the best night of high school. had much fun helping andy and oli get ready as well!! you guys looked so handsome so i hope your dates appreciated it as well. =]

spent my night eating cupcakes and chips, and i watched marie antoinette for the... 345230984 time. i never get sick of it. i watched a movie called adam afterwards. was practically in tears after it!! it was about this guy, who has asperger syndrome and shows this girl what true love is. it isn't a typical chick flick, i guess that's why i love it so much as well. totally adding it to my list of favorite films now.

had the pleasure of welcoming puck!! that guy makes me laugh. had slushies and ate my cupcakes. my description was apparently too vivid and easily misinterpreted so that he dubbed them as dirty cupcakes. yeah, they're fantastic as fuck but they aren't actually... like, filthy. they just have that kind of mouth jizzing tendency, if you know what i mean?
...........ok just dropping it. 

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it's hahahannab on aim if anyone wants to talk!
--anon is on for anyone who has something to say but doesn't actually want to say it to my face.

xx hanna

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09 April 2010 @ 01:50 pm
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